The Braille system is one of our most important means for communication and information. The Livingbraille platform aims to collect best practices, products, tools and resources.

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Braille in everyday use

daily life, games and toys, joy and fun

Braille devices and tools

braille displays, software, other devices

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Online braille puzzle

A game of guessing puzzle based on braille dots brings a lot of fun and can be avery playful way to learn or train braille code. It is easy, without any installation needed, possible to play on web, in mobile phone, wherever and whenever. The game itself is very...

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Pop-It Toys

Pop-It Toys are silicone sheets with half-spherical dimples arranged side by side. You can press these dimples upward, creating bumps. When arranged at right angles, they can also represent enlarged Braille characters. On a sheet with 6×5 points, 3 characters go...

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World Braille Day 2024

For the sixth time, on 4TH of January 2024, the whole world celebrates Braille as one of the most important communication tools for blind people. World Braille day was announced by the United Nations in 2018 and has been celebrated since January 2019. The system of...

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