Discover Braille with Bump Bump Learn: A Fun and Interactive Learning App

by Mairead O’Mahony

Bump Bump Braille Learn is a free intuitive app on iOS devices that helps anyone learn braille in a fun and interactive way. Whether you are new to braille or would like to brush up on your braille skills, it is a great app to use as a reference resource.
Bump Bump Braille Learn teaches you the alphabet, numbers, and some contracted braille. The app also allows you to take quizzes, letting you know if the answer you chose is correct or not with different sounding audio tones.
When you first open up the app, you have options such as learn braille, alphabet sheet, and take a quiz. If you double tap or select the learn braille option, the app advises you to select a lesson of your choice and gives options such as grade 1 braille lesson, basics mathematics braille lesson, and contractions lesson.
Select your choice of lesson and you will be guided step by step through a series of tutorials. As you navigate through the tutorials, if you have some level of vision, the app also provides images of all the letters, numbers, and contractions, and for VoiceOver users, the dots that make up every letter, number, and contraction are well explained. At the end of each tutorial, you will be given a quiz, and you will also get a score at the end of each quiz. You can also track your quiz history by going into the take quiz section and selecting quiz score history where all your different scores will be displayed.
While it is a great app to help you learn braille and know the dots that make up each letter, number, and contraction, you would need a braille display connected to your phone or iPad or have a Perkins brailler to feel the letters and practice writing them.
Conclusion: Bump Bump Braille Learn helps you to learn braille in a fun and interactive way. The app features a range of tutorials with images and audio guidance. The app also has quizzes that you can take and provides you with your score. If you are learning braille, or brushing up on your braille skills, the app is a great resource to use as it will help reinforce learning. In order to practice reading the braille, you would need to have your device connected to a braille display.

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