How to…

How to…

This page collects hints and help texts on common issues while using this platform. You are welcome to send further questions on the Livingbraille board.

Technical stuff

How to sign up

Prerequisites: You need a mail address.

First step: Register

  1. Open the page Sign up
  2. Fill in the form field “Username”: Choose a username which should be different to your real name for security purposes; use alphanumerical characters and blanks only.
  3. Fill in the form field “Email”: Use no other characters or blanks.

Second Step: Set password

  1. You will receive a mal with the subject “[] Login Details” by WordPress is the web content management system which runs the website. If you did not receive the mail immediately, check your spam folder or wait up to 30 minutes.
  2. The mail tells you about your username and gives a web address to set your password: Open the link after the sentence “To set your password, visit the following address:” in your browser. The validity of this link will expire soon: In case, request another mail with a new link.
  3. When opening the link, you will get a form with a proposal for your password. First, save your username and password in a safe way like any other credentials.
  4. Send the form with “Save password”. WordPress will confirm your setting with “Your password has been reset.”.

Now you can use your username and password to log in to WordPress where your account is called “Profile”.

It is your own choice whether you use a pseudonym or your real name for your username. Additionaly, you can add your first and last name by fill in the appropriate form fields on the account settings page “Profile” in the section “Name”.

It´s recommended to change your password once in a while by opening your WordPress account settings page “Profile”: You can generate and set a new password in the section “Account Management”.

If necessary, you can get a new password reset mail anytime by opening the link “Lost your password?” on the login page.

How to log in

  1. Open the login page in your browser.
  2. Fill in the form fields “Username or Email Address” and “Password”.
  3. Send the form with “Log In”.

If necessary, you can get a password reset mail anytime by opening the link “Lost your password?” on the login page. See details described before under “How to sign up”.

Do not forget to log out, see below.

How to log off and why

There´s now automatic timeout for your session. You can find a link in WordPress or at the end of any public page to log out. Be sure to do this everytime you use a shared or public device. Anyway, it is more secure to be logged in only while using an application.


How to engage

The purpose of the Livingbraille platform is to share experiences with Braille. You are welcome to tell the public about things you´ve discovered, figured out or if you just wanted to point out something, describe usages, benefits or problems of any kind. Also bad experiences and questions are welcome.

You can enrich an existing post by adding a comment to the post, even without signing up as a user. Your comment may contain an answer, a hint, another point of view or experience and so on. Your comment will help the author and others.

Your can contribute a text when you sign up as a user and publish a post. Be sure to file your post under the approprioate topic and create a short and meaningful title so others can be aware of your post. Try to formulate your text for a good comprehension. You can add media files and set links to other pages to enrich the content and give more benefit.

It does not matter whether you have a humle idea or an elobarated text, a small spark can have great impact.

How to publish a comment

If you read a post, you may find comments after the main content. The comment section is titled, for example, “2 thoughts on (title of the post)”.

After the main content or the comment section, you can find the title “LEAVE A REPLY”, followed by a form:

  1. Fill in the form field “Comment” with your text, it will be published right after sending. Exception: Comments containing links will be moderated.
  2. Fill in the form field “Name” with your real name or a pseudonym. It will be published, too.
  3. Fill in the form field “Email” with your mail address. It will not be published.
  4. Fill in the optional form field “Website”, if you want. When the comment is published, your name will be linked to this address.
  5. Activate the option “Notify me of followup comments via Email”, if you like to be up to date.

Exception: If the comment section of a post has been closed, it is not possible to send comments.

How to publish a post

Prerequisites: You have to sign up first. See details described before under “How to sign up”.

  1. Open the login page in your browser or use the “Login” form at the end of any page.
  2. The menu WordPress is available. Open the link post.
  3. The form “Add New Post” provides a field for the title of your post. Create a short and meaningful title so others can be aware of your post.
  4. The editor area lets you insert and edit your text. You can also insert links and media files. When publishing long texts, consider to give it a structure with headings which you can format.
  5. In the section “Categories”, choose exactly one appropriate category from the detailed categories on the lowest level. The post will be published on the equivalent topic page. Be avare, if you won’t choose appropriate category, the post will be published as a “no category”. This “no category” posts are not available for public, only administrators can see them.
  6. In the section “Publish”, you are able to save a draft of your post and finish later. Finally, use “Publish” to publish your post.

You will find all your draft and published posts in WordPress in the menu section Posts.

Do not forget to log out, see details described before under  “How to log off and why”.

How to keep yourself up to date

When you post a comment, you can activate the option “Notify me of followup comments via Email”, if you like to be up to date. You will get a mail with a link to confirm your subscription. When a new comment is published, you will be notified by Email and you will be able to manage your subscriptions or to block all notifications from this site.

When you log in to WordPress, you will find an option “Email me when a new post is published” in the page footer and on your settings page for your user profile. You will be notifed on every new post via Email.

How to complain about a post or comment

Please leave a message to with information on the post or comment, the title or URL.


How to protect other peoples privacy in images

If an image contains recognizable persons in a non-public context, you must ask the people concerned for written consent to publish the image.

How to prevent data leakage from image files

If you upload images to the website, you should avoid uploading images with embedded location data (EXIF GPS) included. Visitors to the website can download and extract any location data from images on the website.