Word Guessing for the Braille display by Wolfram Flosdorf


Contribution by Reiner Delgado DBSV Employee

On his website softcologne.de, Wolfram Flosdorf offers PC games for the Braille display for free. In Word Guessing, you choose the length of the word to be guessed. For example, 4 dashes are displayed on the Braille display. Now you type letters on the keyboard. If a letter is in the word, the corresponding dash or dashes are replaced by the letter. Example —- I type n, h, o, a respectively, and nothing happens. If I type s, then it shows -s– With e, I get ese- And with l, I have guessed the solution word in 7 steps. The game has sound but also works solely on the display, making it suitable for deafblind individuals. The author recommends a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels. The ZIP file needs to be extracted, and then the file wr.exe can be started without installation. Wort Raten downloaden