Braille labelling on consumer products

Braille labelling on consumer products


In the Spanish Braille Commission we give advice to companies that label their products in braille in our country. In order To make this possible, we have a document where you can find information on issues to be taken into account when braille is included in packaging.

Find this document here.

In the document we explain general issues that may seem obvious to those of us familiar with braille, but which are often unknown to new users of this code.

For example, some people think that if something is written in braille, it will be understood by any blind person in the world, thinking that braille is a language and not a system with which words of any language can be written.

There are also those who think that, as it happens with visual letters, braille can also be written in different sizes, ignoring that signs need to have certain dimensions so that they can be read with the fingertips.

These are some of the anecdotes that we come across with, in our consultancy work, but there are many more. Our job is to help those who want to label in braille, to obtain a code that authentically serves its users, so that the effort made by these companies is really useful.

Pedro Ruiz, Braille Technician ONCE

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