Talking Tactile Books – TaTaBooks

Talking Tactile Books – TaTaBooks for blind and visually impaired children project is an Erasmus+ project funded by the European Commission and runs from November 2021 to October 2023. A total of eight partners from four countries (Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia) are involved.

The project addresses the specific needs of blind and visually impaired students. Comprehensive, knowledge-conveying and entertaining 3D print-based learning materials are being tailor-made. These are complemented by audio and online learning content. Their development is a highly interactive process between schools from all partner countries and experts from the relevant fields: 3D printing, IT, didactics, science and science communication. Most importantly, the final beneficiaries – teachers and children – participate in the development of the tools by actively accompanying, testing and commenting on each development step. In addition, the participating teachers will not only receive innovative teaching materials and methods, but will also acquire skills in 3D printing and be networked through a dedicated knowledge-sharing platform to promote further international cooperation and exchange of experiences.

TaTaBooks Conference

TaTaBooks will improve day-to-day teaching in partner schools. Especially since the design concept is reproducible and adaptable, TaTaBooks also have great potential and deserve broader attention. Therefore, interested people outside the project boundaries – be it teachers, politicians or other stakeholders – are invited to explore this innovative, and tailor-made TaTaBooks live at the multiplier event:
When: 4th October 2023
09:30–16:30 (registration starts at 09:00)
Where: In Vienna + online*
District Office Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus – Rosinagasse 4, 1150 Vienna
(Accessible by: Underground line 3 and 6, tram 5, 6, 9, 18, 52, 60, express and long-distance trains).

Be part of a varied event, starting with brief instructive presentations. followed by the project’s four main teaching topics: The Human Body, The Journey of Magellan, Geology, and Orientation & Mobility.
Additionally, showcase of Social Micro Learning Platform will be presented delving into a key methodology of this project: 3D printing. After a networking lunch, the afternoon will be filled with interactive stations. You will get fascinating insight into TaTaBooks development, as you are being guided through the evolutionary steps, from the idea over the design to the final TaTaBooks.

Register for in-person or online participation here


  • Economica Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung (AT)
  • Arno G, s.r.o. (SK)
  • Inklusives Schulzentrum Zinckgasse (AT)
  • Research Studios Austria FG (AT)
  • Spojená škola internátna (SK)
  • Střední Škola, Základní Škola a Mateřská Škola pro Zdravotně Znevýhodněné (CZ)
  • Trnka n.o. (SK)
  • Vakok Óvodája, Általános Iskolája (HU)

Project Website on the Erasmus+ Platform

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