Second hand braille displays

Braille displays play a key role in education or braille training. For now, many people in many countries are not able to enjoy the comfort of the digital braille in their braille display and work with digital braille content, simply because of too high price of these devices. Even with the state support systems, not always the braille display is a possibility for proper braille training.

At the discussion of braille experts and braille users on 7TH of November 2023 a suggestion for this post was made.

Anyone, who has an older braille display or simply a braille display not in use, can send a comment on this post.

If you have such a device and want to sell or move it to someone else as a gift, write a comment with detailed description of the device. Perhaps somebody will find your comment and contact you. Perhaps your device still can help someone else, who can benefit from its digital magic with braille.

Attention! Be careful with your legal bindings in the case your device was funded by state compensations. In such case you may not be allowed such a transfer either for a selling-price or a gift.

You can get some information about second hand braille displays in the mailing list It is possible to subscribe to this group by sending an e-mail to

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