Punktum software supports learning Braille

As part of the Punktum project of the German Feberation of the Blind and Partially Sighted (DBSV) – www.dbsv.org -, the Punktum software was created for learning Braille, especially for blind adults.
Download Punktum software as a ZIP file:
It was designed and programmed by Christian Punz and Erich Schmid together with DBSV.
The software offers exercises for tactile training, learning and recognising letters, words and sentences. Texts can be read and typed using a Braille keyboard.
The tasks are explained by voice output and can be completed independently. The software can provide as many new tasks as required.
This makes it suitable for
– personalised Braille lessons – especially in groups – to provide differentiated learning opportunities
– personal training outside of lessons
– distance learning programmes in which tasks are discussed in telephone conferences and individual coaching, which then have to be completed independently
– independent learning of Braille in individual cases
– also for children
The software does not need to be installed. The ZIP file can be unpacked and saved on a computer or USB stick. Then start the punktum.exe file and you’re ready to go.
A Windows computer, a screen reader and a Braille display are required to use the software.
The software database consists of text files. This means that anyone can write their own tasks for the software. Instructions are also provided.
The software is in German. However, the recognition of shapes and letters works independently of the language.
It is also very easy to write tasks for other languages.
The user interface of the software can also be translated into other languages in co-operation with the programmer.
Please contact the author of this article Reiner Delgado.

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