Music Braille – project of The DAISY Consortium

The main goal of Music Braille project of the DAISY Consortium is to ensure that more music braille scores are available more easily to more blind musicians world-wide. Project aims in the interlacing of newly developing software with braille notation and creating a network of braille music production.


The network is expected to trial in 2022. The planned workflow of the network should be as follows:

1. Step 1: Initial Score Search
The Requesting Agency checks online collections, and asks the Network if anyone has a suitable music braille score. Producers respond with details if they have the score.
2. Step 2: Transcription Request (if no suitable score is located)
The Requesting Agency sends out a detailed Job Request to the Network, requesting quotes from Producers able to undertake the transcription. We are currently proposing a distinction between work on a ‘Standard’ score and work on an ‘Advanced’ score, depending on the nature of the original material and how much work needs to be done. We will be considering this distinction, and whether Producers should charge their normal fees, or whether a standardized fee structure would be preferable across the Network.


So far up to 10 libraries and Braille producers are joined in the network as producers or customers of the network services.


More info available on the website of this project and website of trial of the network.


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