MuseScore, upcoming release of new version with braille support

MuseScore, the professional music and notation program, is recently announcing uncoming release of MuseScore 4, expected in 2022.

The company has published a tutorial video titled Screen Reader Accessibility in MuseScore 3 on their YouTube channel MuseScore Development.
The video demonstrates use of core MuseScore features with NVDA, like score creation, navigation, and note input. It also mentions some exciting new features due to arrive in the upcoming release of MuseScore 4, including support for VoiceOver on macOS, and new capabilities for music braille that are being developed in partnership with the DAISY Consortium and Sao Mai Center for the Blind, in the project .


The video description contains a list of topics explored as well as links to relevant timestamps in the video.
Here is the list in full:
0:00 About MuseScore 3 and 4
0:40 Launch MuseScore 3
0:50 Supported screen readers
1:07 Navigation
3:23 Note input
5:11 Playback
5:51 Palettes & dynamics
7:30 Lines, hairpins & range selection
9:56 Back to the palettes
10:36 Palette search & trill articulation
11:30 Master Palette
12:21 Playback with trill
12:47 Inspector & element properties
15:22 Chord navigation
16:02 Instruments and staves
17:51 New Score dialog & templates
20:42 Navigate instruments & staves
21:16 File menu options
21:34 Export & MusicXML
21:51 Braille export in MuseScore 4
22:26 Where to get help


From: Dr. Sarah Morley Wilkins, Project Manager & User Experience Consultant at DAISY Music Braille Project

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