Materials and tools for learning Braille

  1. Braille cube as a keychain: On three levels, you can rotate the four sides of the cube to represent all Braille characters. Available at Braille Würfel mit Schlüsselanhä Onlineshop


2. Braille set bar made of wood for displaying 10 enlarged Braille characters with pins. The wooden bar has holes in a Braille character structure where pins can be inserted. Available at [url= … e.html]LHZ Sachen[/url]. With this bar, endless methods and games are possible, such as: Roads: A series of r is set, but in between there is a w. The student must find this. The student should set a given word or read a word written there. You can set all letters that consist of 3 dots. etc.

3. With adhesive silicone dots, you can display enlarged Braille characters and stick them to various surfaces. This allows you to place an encouraging word or sentence, the name of a loved one, or practical markings that learners can have in their homes or carry with them at all times.

Adhesive dots in various sizes are available in model shops, such as Modulor, and as marking dots in assistive device stores, e.g., LHZ Sachsen. Wooden half-spheres from woodworking shops are also suitable.