Braille for Minority Languages

Hello everyone!

My name is Harris Mowbray and I am a programmer from the United States of America. Over the past two years I have been collaborating with various linguistic minorities around the world to develop Braille for languages that do not have Braille standards yet. I usually do the following steps:
First I use Wikipedia to research the orthographies and alphabets of different languages, so that I can see what languages are not covered by existing Braille systems.
Second, I develop a prototype for how this language can be written in Braille (basing my design on international standards regarding Braille uniformity).
Third, I get in touch with the government or organization of the blind of the language’s region to gain legitimacy and make any necessary changes.
Finally, the organization accepts my design and we get in contact with news organizations to report on this new Braille alphabet.

This methodology has been fairly successful for me, but the hardest step by far is the third step. Most organizations that I contact do not respond, and those that do are usually uninterested or unable to help. Does anyone have any advice for how I can advance this project? I feel like I am stuck and that I cannot make progress anymore; at the beginning many countries accepted my proposals but things have slowed down considerably.

Thanks and have a nice day. Let me know if you have any questions.