Watch a football match in braille

Sounds unbelievable? Yet the Bristol Braille Technology made it possible.

Some time ago I published here, on Livingbraille, an article Gaming with braille on the braille display. In this article I mentioned a development process of a gaming console Canute 360 console. This device is already tested by many users and can provide braille user with fantastic experience, such as tactile map that navigates around Bristol, the game Snake for people to play and various flow charts and spreadsheets to show people how they can navigate programmes they have never been able to access before.

For me though the most interesting teaser was a possibility of tactile football match. You can have a look at it on Youtube presentation of a football math on Canute 360 console. Isn’t it just fantastic revolutionary step for braille users? I can’t wait for a moment to get my hands on this console.

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