Santa’s letters in braille: where is the truth?

How does Santa answer to children in your country? In Slovakia, if Santa gets letter in braille, he answers in braille too. It is a service offered by the Slovak National post in cooperation with the Matej Hrebenda Slovak Library for the Blind in Levoca. Similarly, and this time in english, Vision Ireland Library offers an accessible Santa’s letters. And even if this article comes quite late for the letter, you can Help Santa fill up his mailbag with accessible letters to you next year.

Yes, yes, it’s Christmas!

Accessible letters from libraries and post offices … This is all truth. But Christmas time deserves much more fabulous explanations. One fantastic story is offered by Jonathan Mosen in a levely christmas story. You can find the story in text and audio format on Jonathan’s website: “Louis, The Blind Christmas Elf”, a Story for Children.

May you wish still to look for some braille gifts, you can have a look at the LEGO® Braille Bricks.

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