BrailleRAP: Open Source Braille embosser

Sometimes, braille in the digital environment needs to be materialized in the paper form and braille embosser is a very handy tool for that. This area is being quite often criticized for the high prices of the devices providing a embossing possibilities, although it has to be said that all the devices, at least in my experience, are developed with great care and a tendency to last for many years in function. Nevertheless, cheaper possibilities of embossing the braille may be welcomed option.

BrailleRAP, open Source Braille embosser under the CERN license, offers a possibility of cheap assembly of an embosser capable of embossing the braille. BrailleRAP is the only device available that you can build simply by following the schematics. It was estimated that building up the embosser should not be much more than 250$. More information can be found at the webpage of the project BrailleRAP, along with the assembly guide and files for laser and 3D printers.

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