BrailleDoodle: hope for a new braille tool for children in the future

The literacy of the youngest braillists is a fundamental skill for their future lives, mostly studyes and vocation performances. There is never enough materials and tools on the road towards richer knowledge and higher education. According to many experts, it all starts in very early age, when the possibility of training the touch and tactile skills is on its peak. It is in those early years, when the fingers are most likely to get used to distinguish details, look for paths between lines, decipher the dots in braille patterns. Many different tools are helping teachers and trainers to caught the interest of children and show them the wonders of braille written world.

One of such tools is being developed in the project BrailleDoodle.

The BrailleDoodle is an inexpensive, refreshable, two-sided tablet for learning Braille and creating tactile images. With Etch-a-Sketch-like technology, the BrailleDoodle will bring Braille literacy and tactile – Science, Math, and Art to blind people worldwide.

Through the <Kickstarter website of BrailleDoodle, it is possible to donate the project or even start to order first products, BrailleDoodle mini.

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