Braille signage on lift button panels

The Spanish Braille Commission (CBE, Comisión Braille Española) has published the English translation of a technical document aimed at lift manufacturers.

The intention is to provide guidance on how to include braille characters in lift panels in an effective way. The document explains briefly “how braille works”, and why parameters like dot height, character size, and position of the braille characters within the panel are of paramount importance.

It also provides orientation on how to transcribe into braille the abreviations that we usually find in lift buttons such as floor numbers, including basements, ground floor, etc.

The document is available in both Spanish and English at ONCE’s website. This is the direct link to the PDF of the English version: Technical Document B 17: Braille signage on lift button panels.

For those interested in braille (and with some knowledge of the Spanish language), the Spanish Braille Commission offers institutions and users alike a wide range of technical documents about braille usage and signs in a variety of fields and products. In ONCE’s page about CBE’s Documentos técnicos vigentes you will find the latest versions of all their publications.